Industrial Explosion Protection

Spark Detection & Extinguish

BS&B SparkEx® Spark Detection & Extinguishing System
Prevent Fire and Explosion in Industrial Processes

SparkEx - Spark Detection & Extinguising System
  • Spark Detection, Flame Detection and Hot Particle Detection

  • Extinguish Without Stopping Production.

  • Prevent Fire and Explosion Risks in Downstream Equipment

  • Activate Alarm and Control Systems

  • A Flexible Modular Design Allows for up-to-34 systems to be monitored through modular expansion

  • Wide-range of operating temperatures from 70°C (158ºF) to 200º (392°F)

  • Battery pack included for backup power in the event of an electrical outage

  • Trace Heating Available for Water Extinguishing in Extremely Cold Conditions

Protection You Can Count On
The BS&B SparkEx Spark Detection and Extinguishing System is designed to detect hot particles, sparks and flame that might become the ignition source for a fire or explosion if allowed to travel on through pneumatic ducting and conveyors towards other materials handling equipment. A few hot particles entering a dust collector handling a combustible dust are enough to trigger a dust explosion. Smoldering combustible solid conveyed into a storage silo can become the nucleus of a raging fire.

Reduce Fire and Explosion Risks
Using infrared detectors, the BS&B SparkEx Spark Detection and Extinguishing System, searches for elevated temperature particles. When hot material is detected, the BS&B SparkEx System provides many options to manage the ignition risk:

  1. Activate water spray nozzles placed downstream of the detection point of hot particles.
  2. Activate automated shut-down of the process to end the feed of combustible material.
  3. Provide a signal to activate other control devices shut-off valves.

The BS&B SparkEx Spark Detection & Extinguishing System operates in a continuous automatic mode with all of its critical circuits supervised to raise an immediate alarm in case of application difficulties.

Prevention Methods

  • Uses highly accurate type SDN or SDD Sensors for spark detection as well as flames, and hot particles
  • SDN/SDD Sensors activate control circuits connected to the automatic water extinguishing module
  • The extinguishing module extinguishes sparks and hot particles
  • Production continues while the BS&B SparkEx System extinguishes sparks
Industries Served
  • Agriculture
  • Food
  • Wood
  • Textiles
  • Metal
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Power Plants
  • Rubber
  • Recycling


BS&B SparkEx System Components

Control Panel (Optional) SparkEx - Spark Detection & Extinguising System - Control Panel

Spark Indicator SDN SparkEx - Spark Detection & Extinguising System - Spark Indicator

Booster System (Optional) SparkEx - Spark Detection & Extinguising System - System

Automatic Extinguishing Module SparkEx - Spark Detection & Extinguising System - Automatic Extinguishing Module

Control Unit, Type DC 1 SparkEx - Spark Detection & Extinguising System- Control Unit